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Thursday, June 16, 2011


In the name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful

Alhamdulillah. Thanx to The Most Greatest Creator. I st ill can breath until now. My life... i don't have any idea how i want to describe. but still Alhamdulillah, He gave me a lot of lessons that was sometimes made me be better persons. Alhamdulillah. Even.. it can't be denied my life now was soooo hecticcc.. miserable, sometimes felt so down. but still i have face all the difficulties either i like o not.

with this test
I almost complete to finish my project 10- toastmaster
to achieve competent communicator- even not so gud, but still alhamdulillah,
task: i have 2 do 4 project in 2 months- directly do my project n every meeting..
without face it with patient, trying so hard, and of course not forget to pray to Allah
i'll never at this stage..

lesson: face the challenge!

with this test
im getting more hectic in my lab works, sometimes going crazy n loose my mind for a while..
I improved my learning process. It's okey nobody knows. But for me,
i can see the improvement in my self. i try my very best. yup. it was so hard.
i never felt this before. however, i learn to cool down, be cool in every situation that's make me
cant breath, almost killing me.. but when the time goes, finally i almost see the light. yeah. even it's not for the real.
but i can see i became more focus, more ready, more redha for every He decides for me.. n alhamdulillah with this test i really put my trust to Him. to prevent me from sad n regret, i really let Allah decides for me. Allah. let's my heart feels free to accept all the fate that U wrote for me in Your Kalamullah.

Lesson: Let's Allah decides for me and fight till the end! Risha, chaiyo'!

from now on, please be focus, always be in the right track, always give the very best effort,
sacrifice for ummah, correct your nawaitu, think positive.
Lets this hectic, miserable, hardness became a ibadah in your life by go through these things with redha, n always tawakal to Allah..
always, for every second, for every breath...