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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Risha was not feeling well part 2

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful
Dear bloggers and readers.

Today I excited to meet my sv to show what I've planned for my experiment. 
Suddenly, something was happened to me. After I arrived at my lab, I felt strange. Meanwhile i heard sounds from my stomach... owh... I'm so hungry! I need eat something before my gastric will take over and ruin my day! Then I asked my senior lab mate to buy some food from grocery at ground floor. I decided to buy honey dew and "keropok leko" . Wow.. so yummy... I ate all the foods! 

When i came back to my lab.. suddenly I felt dizzy and something want to come out from my mouth... uuweekkk... opsss... then before anything happen i ran quickly as fast as i could.. then uweeeekkkzzz!!!! euuuwww... i say the keropok leko that i ate just now the toilet bowl! The keropok leko was sooooo... owh.. is't what i ate just now.. and again...uuwwwweekkkkk..uuuuweeekkk... owhh. what happened to me? i thought i okey. My fever already gone. Then I went back to my lab. A few minutes later, I ran again to the toilet. It's not difficult to vomit. When i saw the toilet bowl, automatically I vomit all the things from my stomach. It doesn't mean i planned to vomit. But it I still not fully recovery from my fever. 

Since my lab mate saw i was struggled running from the lab to toilet, she offered me to send me to the clinic. When I was there, the Dr. said it's because I still not fully recovery from my fever. Then she gave me medicine.. please refer the picture below. 

When i came back from the clinic everyone was busying to go lunch. But I planned to get my lunch after dzuhur with Kak Shakila. She's a Ph.D student. Doing same project just like but the scope of her project more wide than me. She urged me to take some food even though i dun planned to eat anything during lunch. I just want to accompany her. Since she was excited ask me to take some food, then I took rice with "ikan masak cili padi". but not so spicy as i cook. . heee...     

After we finished lunch, we went to PC FAIR held in DSI. Even I still felt dizzy, i really want to go there because the person in charged this programme is my housemate. :) go kak ila.. go..go... She doing everything for this program. From the beginning till the end. She's the one who try to sell the booth, payment, poster and etc..  almost 85% she's doing by herself. I'm proud of u, sis! 

After that, i went back to my lab. And again.... Last but not least before i got permission from my sv to go back home, i vomit again! Thank to ana, for sending me home. 

That's all for today.

K. Salamun'Alaik. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Risha was not feeling well..

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful

Dear bloggers and readers.

Today, I’m not going to lab because I got fever, headache and a little bit dizzy. I texted to my supervisor to inform her that I’m not going to the lab today, however she don’t reply until now.

I don’t have any idea when my fever began. What I know is when I reached home yesterday, I got headache. I was wondering if I infected with the chemical during I run my experiment? Or it because of the chloroform was evaporated by my lab mate in fume hood. Do you know what chloroform is? Do you still remember if you take biology class during secondary school or during matriculation, one of the experiment they conducted is to operate frog or rats. Thus, they killed the frogs and rats by using chloroform. However the chloroform used at that time is being diluted. And can you imagine the effect of chloroform with high concentrated? It surely more dangerous… aiiiyaaakkkk!!

Now my body start feel cold and I felt freezing when the wind touched to my body. However with this opportunity I start to plan what I’m going to write for my report thesis. Planning is still planning, but I must keep maintain doing my lab work. I do wish my passion, momentum and energy is still there. Insya’Allah.

Now, planning anything should I plan while listening to the music.. lalalaaa….

Note: I got sign that I'm going to cry.. It keep happend to me till now.. I felt so scared. but I have to keep remind myself that Allah decides for us. Just go ahead with my life. Just face it. and Let Allah decides for you, Risha. Allahuakbar!

K. Salamun a’laik.

tired but AwesoME..

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful

Dear bloggers and readers.

Fuhhh.. i tried so hard to finish what I have planned before!

Life as a master student, especially doing full-time research - chemistry or anything that u have to spend your time by doing labwork - not just need your “genius mind” but more importantly HIGH DETERMINATION, PATIENT, and PASSION for your work, then u can finish your master on time, insyaAllah. The same goes to those doing Ph.D. Permanent Head Demage--à Permanent Head Distorted! Hahahaa… Sigh -_-.. It’s true. U must enjoy doing your research work! If you want to enjoy, I have a few tips for you…

· Condition must be good (Supportive friends, helping each other not backstabing you!)

· Supervisor extremely must have good relationship with you.. erkk.. I mean. Support u. help u.

· Always say du’a may Allah always bless what u doing.

There is no word such as “ENJOY” in my dictionary of life as a master student, I believed Allah knows the best for me. I try slowly to put little happiness in working life. Alhamdulillah now I can smile even there is a lot sad things happened to me. Sometimes I asked myself am I not grateful to Him? Am I too demanding? Am I too greedy? I tried so hard to adapt with my condition right now. There’s a big difference between you tried and you want to try. Doesn’t matter I tried or not the result is still the same. But It’s okey, Allah knows what I’m doing better that human being.

Alhamdulillah, now I can smile. Thanks to Him who gave me a few friends that I proudly called them as a true friends. Helping me. Understanding me. Keep Supporting me. They accepted me as who I am and me either. I remembered one of my sister said, just focus on what u planned to do, like u wear a helmet, do not turn left or right.. just go straight till you reach your destination. People can say anything. Condemn you, advise you, praise you, but YOU are the one who need to make the decision. Chaiyooo!! Gambate!!! Go..Go..Go…. Insya’Allah. One fine day, Allah will reward you as you wish. Aminn..


K. Salamun a’laik.