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Friday, October 28, 2011

.not to cry.

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful

Dear bloggers and readers.

Last night while I watching tv3, I read a Gen-Q. This is my first time I read and bought this magazine. The content I can tell u was superb! All the topic they discussed was related to our daily life. Good reminder to all of us and surely it's good reminder for me. Since I'm still at my hometown, still in the process of to make decision, I keep read La' tahzan. It's help me a lot to re-think back everything happened. To heal the feeling of (stress, sad, confuse.. everything lead me to burst out, if i have a chance, i want to scream out loudly...). Alhamdulillah. After I read this book, it's work. U seems can make u stay in positive way. 

I was a way from "them" for a week. Sometimes I confuse what I've done is wrong or it's good. Yes I admit sometimes I love break rules, but I hate to behave rude to eldest. This is not me. and I don't mean to hurt them. I can't do nothing. After I decides to go away from them, I've prefer to keep silent. I allowed them to say anything and I just keep silent. Sometimes silent is better than you speak. And Alhamdulillah, now I can calm down and I decided to stay until eid ul Adha. I prepared every consequences 'll happened to me. "No worries, Risha. Allah is always be with you". This sentences I keep reminds my self. 

....yes. I tried and keep try to be tough till now...

NO!.. you're not walk alone. Allah is always be with you.

The Prophet  said "You should always remember that Allah is with you wherever you are."
 ( Hadith At-Tirmidhi)

I put my trust to Allah's Messenger May Allah's peace and praise be on him said : There is a remedy for every malady, and the remedy is applied to disease it is cured with the permission of Allah, the Exalted and Glorious.
-Hadith- Sahih Bukhari, Book 25, Number 5466, Narrated Jabir ibn Abdullah May Allah be pleased with him-

I do hope Allah keeps me strong to face this hardship till the end and He'll guide me to solve this problem. 

"The ailment is intensified for the righteous.  Whenever a believer is afflicted with a hardship, be it a thorn or more, a sin is taken off him because of it, and he is elevated on level (in Jannah [Paradise])."
-Recorded by Ahmad May Allah be pleased with him, verified authentic by al-Hakim, ath-Thahabi, and al-Albani


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