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Friday, November 4, 2011

Let's cook..

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful

Dear bloggers and readers

Let's to masak2. This time I want try by my own. Not my own recipe, but taken through internet. ^^. I'll let my granny to cook "ayam masak kicap". I should take note while she cook. Seriously the recipe was so different from others. I tasted a lot "ayam masak kicap" before, but none as my granny's recipe. At the same time I want to cook "daging masak rendang".. 

(hope my rendang can be like this! hee..)

Ana: Hey u! I want to cook rendang! heheee.. (why I so like "ayam bertelur riuh sekampung??"...erkk..hehe.)
Kak Sunah and Kak ajan: If u read this entry please support my effort okey! hehehee.. 
Fazril: How's toastmaster meeting last week. Sorry Mr. President, I can't attend. I still at my hometown. Suddenly I remember  u. U'll celebrate this raya without your parents. I'm pretty sure they quite worry bout u. hihihi.. "anak emak!".  Happy Eid ul adha. hihihi.. Do rendang k! Make sure u cook by your own. Don't ask your sis cook for u! ^^
Mrs. Shirley: Hope u cook sedap2 tau! hehee... Happy Eid ul Adha! I would be happy if U and your kids here. Celebrate this raya together. hehe..Hope u'll have a good celebration too!^^
Yeah. That's all for now. got to go. Ready to cook. K. Salamun'alaik.

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