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Sunday, July 10, 2011

P10- yes, i make it real!

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful

Hi all bloggers and readers.

finally i finished my project 10 on Competent Communicator Manual of Toastmaster.

I still remembered when i try to tell my friend about toastmaster program, then they thought this is the one of master program and the other my friend said, "roti bakar" when she heard the word "toast".. owh no....

Actually i have to do my project at our last meeting club of MIM toastmaster club. however i ain't make it.I'm doing my final project after a week i went back from shah alam for sake of my mom. she was admitted to icu because of diabetes .Alhamdulillah. now she's getting better.

i did my final project entitled- what goes around comes around- i got the idea to present this topic from my analytical chemistry lecturer. before he starts the class, he will give us one story with full of good value.

Thanks to Allah to give me this idea and gave me this opportunity.
i don't have any idea that one day i'll finished my project. without the "enforcement" and support from my team, they want me to help our club to achieve the status of "distinguish president" and because i felt guilty, i failed to do my responsibility as secretary of the club since hold that position, then i decided to finish my project in 2 months. Finally, alhamdulillah. i did! "Dear madam president, I did!!!". Then i learned a importance values, "if u want something badly, then work for it hardly, 99.5% the success is in your hand. "
and you what, something happened to me, i can see it! what's it???? i felt that i quite immune with the pressure! i can work under pressure! all praised to Allah! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

okey then, enjoy some photos and video during the meeting.