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Sunday, October 9, 2011


In the name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful

Dear bloggers and readers.

Today is sunday. Suppose to be I'am at home.. but again.. now I still at my lab. Luckily I'm not alone. My seniors accompany me. She also has things need to be done. This delightful morning.. I got message from my senior usrah, today at 9.30 am will be held a talk entitled Isu- Isu Kekeluargaan dan Undang- Undang by Ustaz Zaini (JAJ) and Puan Sazira (Peguam Syarie) at Kompleks IKRAM Johor. 

Wow.. when my senior and I were there, I was surprised because most of them who attended the talk were.."mak-mak and ayah-ayah"...erk.. "Okey.. be cool Risha, maybe u'll learn something from this talk. who knows..right. :)
Then when the moderator start his was cool beb! I luv this talk. As I guess the talk will be interesting. 
They divided the issues into 2 parts. 
1) Ustaz Zaini will be discuss about how to create a "mawaddah sakinah" in one family.
2) What's consequences when a family was separated. 

As ustaz Zaini said, Islam is a system. Then, if we not follow one of the rules, or we just choose any rules that we loves, the system cannot be develop. So to build usrati jannati,..home sweet home, we must follow as what Allah want to. Marriage is one step to save our souls, complete our iman.  Wow...this is mean.. let to get marry! hee..:p

Now 6.30pm.. I think better i wait for maghrib before i start my experiment. Because it'll take around 2 hours to be finished. Wow.. another 2 hours more to go! chaiyo'! Now i feel thirsty! ...:( Nothing i can do.. Just focus to finish my experiment more early............then I can go home early!!!! 

Hey.. I found this picture at the lecturer's door. It sounds good then I snapped this picture.. :)

Ok then.. that's all for now.. jom perform solat maghrib.


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